Here are a few halachot to remember on erev pessach

and pessach:

Please do not rely on this information but rather one should ask his reliable halachic authority for final rulling

1. There is a custom of giving maot chitim (kimcha dpischa in Aramaic).

the money is to be given to the poor in order for them to get provisions

for the holiday.

2. There is a custom to recite the haggadah from "avodim hayeinu" until

lechaper all avonoteinu after Mincha on the Shabbos before pessach.

3. On the evening of the 14th of Nissan we check our houses for chametz

using a candle this is called bedikat chametz.

It should be done after three stars come out (tzeit hakochavim).

When the time for the bedikah arrives one should not partake in any

work, meals , or learning before doing the bedikah since he might forget

about doing the bedikah (although if one has a daily shiur at a set time

he may participate). Most rabbis hold that ma'ariv comes before the

bedikah. There is a minhag to hide 10 pieces of chametz but one must remember

to look for any chometz, and not only for the ten hidden pieces.

The bracha can be found in most haggadas - al biur chametz.

There should absolutely be no talking between the bracha and the bedikah

and preferably for the duration of the bedikah .

After the bedikah one should nullify the chametz.

4. The first born (bchor) fast on erev pessach. There are those who

Participate in a seudas mitzvah (a siyum etc...) and that enables them

to eat on erev pessach.

  1. You are not allowed to eat chamets after approximately 09:00 am and after approximately 10:00 am you are

not allowed having any enjoyment from it. (selling of the chamets to

a non-Jew is also until this hour). Check your local calendar for exact times. The given times are Israel time.

  1. After chatzot one should not do any work that is forbidden during chol

hamoed. Haircuts and nailclipping should be done before chatzot.

  1. One may not eat matzah on erev pessach .
  2. One should preferably use good quality red wine for the 4 cups used during the seder. One should try not to use grape juice although he

may mix the grape juice with wine as long as there is an alcoholic


  1. The cups of wine should be full cups that hold at least a riveyit .

Acording to the Chazon Ish a riveyit is 150ml of water (5.07 fl oz),

The Chofets Chaim holds that one should use a cup that holds

118ml (4 fl oz).

The minimum amount that can be used for those who find it hard drinking so much wine is 88.7ml (3 fl oz) which is slightly higher

than R. Chaim Naeh 's 86ml.

10.One should preferably not pour the wine for himself.

11.One should recline on his left side while drinking the wine to show

a sign of cheirut-freedom.

12. The chiyuv md'oraisa in eating matzah is 25 gr. (hand) or 22 gr.

(machine) about two thirds of a machine matzah that is for the first kzait,

the kzait which is eaten by korech and by the afikomen is md'rabanan

and we can be more lenient for those who find it hard and they can eat

15 gr. (machine) which is about half a machine matzah.

13. For moitzey-matzah one should eat two kzaitem of matzah one for

hamotzey and for the mitzvah of eating matzah (around 45-50 gr.).

14. One should eat matzah that was baked specially for the mitzvah at the

seder night.

15. Lchatchila one should eat the matzah within a period of 2 minutes

and for those who find it hard with in 4 minutes

16. For karpas there are those who use celery or potatoes (each according to

there minhag).

17. The salt water for karpas should be prepared before shabbos although if

one forgot he may prepare a small amount with a less concentration of salt, on shabbos.

18. One should be careful not to eat too much of the karpas in order not to

be chayav in a bracha achrona .

19. One should have in mind the moror when he makes a bracha on the


20. The shiur for moror is a kazait, for lettuce eaters that is 28gr. (or 18gr. for

those who find it hard) for those who are using chazeret (the hot stuff!)

the shiur is 20gr. .

Acording to the sefer Kol Dodi the leaves should cover an area of 8x10

inches or 20.3 cm x 25.4 cm

21. One must check the lettuce very well for bugs. It is there for advisable to

use bug free lettuce (which also needs to be washed and checked for


  1. Reclining is required while eating motzey-matzah,korech,afikomen and

while drinking the 4 cups. One should try to recline throughout the whole

seder meal. There are various opinions if one is required to recline while

eating karpas.

23. The Afikomen should be eaten before chatzot but may be eaten

afterwards as well.

24. One should not eat after the afikomen and if one did, the afikomen

must be eaten again. One may drink water after the afikomen (of course

one must also drink another 2 cups of wine, to fulfil the 4 cups).

Please do not rely on the above but rather one should ask

his local reliable halachic authority on any subject.