Parshas Yisro:
 By: Yaacov Silverstein
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Parshas Yisro:

Pasuk (18:1)

Part (1)

The Pasuk tells us that Yisro heard all that happened to the Bnei Yisroel, a few Pesukim after this Pasuk, the Torah (18:8) tells us that Moshe told over to Yisro all that happened to Am Yisroel.

Comes the Maggid of Dubnah and asks, if Yisro heard, why did Moshe need to tell him again ?

Comes the Maggid and explains that when Yisro heard all the good that happened to the Bnei Yisroel, he was sure that it happened to them in the merit of his son-in-law, Moshe.

Yet we see in the Torah that Hashem told Moshe that it wasn't in his merit that all the miracles took place, yet it was in the merit of the Klal, Am Yisroel. All the greatness that Moshe achieved was for the Tzibur, for Yisroel.

Now the Pesukim are understood better.

What did Yisro hear ?

He heard about all the good that Hashem did to Moshe and the Bnei Yisroel.

That all the miracles were done mainly because of Moshe, and the Bnei Yisroel also merited.

Therefore Moshe came and told Yisro, no. Hashem did all the miracles (like by the Egyptians), for Israel's sake.

That all these miracles were done in the merit of the Klal, and not the Prat (Moshe).

Because of all the travail that had befallen them on the way, that is why Hashem saved the Bnei Yisroel.

Part (2)

The Pasuk tells us that Yisro heard. What did Yisro hear ?

Rashi explains that Yisro heard about the war with Amalek, and about the splitting of the "Yam-Suf".

However we know that all the nations heard about the splitting of the Yam Suf, so what is special here in this case by Yisro ?

Comes Rav Eliyahu Lopian Zt"l and explains that we know that Kerias Yam-Suf was a very great miracle, this was enough for one to want to become a Geir, and join Am Yisroel, out of awe. Why did the war with Amalek make Yisro decide to join Am Yisroel, and before this war he didn't decide yet?

Also, if the war was what made his final decision, why does Rashi use the term of "Milchemet Amalek" , and why not "Nitzachon Amelek (the winning v.s. Amalek) ?

Comes Rav E. Lopian and explains that everyone heard about the miracles that were done for Am Yisroel, even Amalek heard. Yet, they didn't show any sign, at all, of faith in Hashem.

The opposite, they decided to attack the "Am Hashem".

This is what made Yisro decide to join Am Yisroel, after he learned how bad Amalek really was. How far off their ideology really was, from Emunah in Hashem.

We saw the same during the Holocaust, how disbeliever's in Hashem changed their way of thinking after seeing how a wrong ideology could bring, disaster upon the world.

We may ask how those intellectual people were able to make such a mistake and think that Amalek (Germans) was the right ideology?

Comes Rav Yehudah Lebovits (The Hashkafa Series 1)and explains that they are not lacking intelligence, but they are rather lacking in "purity of the heart".

And even us simple people, with our small minds, when it is accompanied with "purity of the heart", we can easily arrive at the truths of life.

While all those smart intellectual's, as long as they are influenced under the control of their uncontrolled drives, they would never reach the truth in life.

One who really hears about what happens in the world, must change his way of life after hearing how wrong peoples ideology's are. Real hearing, is one that brings upon a person to change.

If after hearing, things like the splitting of the Yam Suf, war with Amalek, a person does not show a change in his outlook on the way the world is being run, he didn't hear.

When we hear about miracles happening to people, Am Yisroel, neighbors, friends, let it bring a change in our Yiras Shemayim.

We must take incidents such as the Gulf War, how Israel was rocketed with missiles, and how no one was killed by the missiles. When the same missiles were aimed at Kuwait, many were killed.

We must take incidents like this to increase our "real hearing" level, so we shouldn't Chas Veh Shalom become hearing impaired.



"Birchas Hagomel"

The Shulchan Aruch (O.C. 219:64) brings down that one is allowed to say Birchas Hagomel, on the good that was done to his friend. This Halacha is learned out from this weeks Parsha.

We learn this out from Yisro, from the Pasuk that tells us that Yisro was happy in his heart for the good that he heard about Am Yisroel. Than the Pasuk tells us that "Vayomer Yisro Baruch Hashem Asher Hetzilů". Yisro said a Berchas Hagomel because he was happy on hearing about the saving of Am Yisroel.

The Ramah brings down that this is not considered a Beracha Lehvatalah. Even though this person who heard the good was not required to make a Beracha, because he is in essence saying praise to Hashem, for the good done.

The Taz adds that one is only allowed to make the blessing (in the above case), when one is really happy in his heart on the healing / saving of his friend. If one does not feel this in his heart, and he wants to show his friend that he cares about him, he may say the Beracha without Hashem's name.

In this case one may not use Hashem's name since it would be considered a Beracha Levatalah.

From the above Halacha, there are those that permit a husband to say Birchas Hagomel for his wife, (in Shul), after she gives birth.

Good Shabbos !!!