YomTov that falls out on Motzei Shabbos:

One is forbidden to prepare on Shabbos for YomTov that falls out right after Shabbos.

Even things that one is allowed to prepare on Shabbos, one can not prepare it for Yom Tov, since it is only allowed for "The Shabbos's needs".

One can only prepare the YomTov candles and light them, after Shabbos.

One must light these candles from an existing fire, that was lit before the Shabbos.

One also must make sure that what ever he uses to light the candles, he must not extinguish this thing. For one is forbidden to extinguish a fire on YomTov. One is only permitted to transfer the fire.

One must say, either in Tefilah or Kiddush, or after Shabbos, "Baruch Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L 'Kodesh", before he transfers the fire, or does work for the Yom Tov.

The Havdalah that is said on this Motzei Shabbos is different than other Shabboses.

The order is as follows:

Birchas Ha Gefen - Kiddush - Borei M'orei Ha Eish - Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L 'Kodesh - She'Hechianuh (Ya'k'ne'ha'z)

One does not say the Beracha on Beisamim, and some say that one should not put the two wicks of the YomTov candles together as is done during the week. While others say that one may join the two wicks together.

It is also best not to use the regular candle that is used on a regular Motzei Shabbos, since it may not be extinguished.

Even though women do not drink the wine from Havdalah, in this case it is permitted, for Kiddush was also said on the cup.

(The above information was taken from "The Laws of Yom Tov", Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen. And from Rav Yosef Ginsburg.)